• Akash Anavarathan

49ers Spokesperson: San Francisco 'not interested' in CB Tramaine Brock

Well, well, well. There was a report earlier on the 49ersHub stating that the case on ex-49ers' CB Tramaine Brock was dismissed. The NFL is still investigating a possible suspension for Brock.

The report from NBC Sports' Bay Area's Matt Maiocco added that the 49ers might have been a team that was interested in re-signing Brock. But now, a spokesperson for the 49ers has stated that the team is not interested in re-signing Brock.

Once the 49ers realized that they were tied to Brock in the rumor mill, they decide to release a statement to quickly void yourself of that negative attention. Exactly what you see from high-level organizations in the NFL.

John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan have built up a lot of positive energy this offseason and signing Brock would be taking a step backwards. Especially considering that Brock hasn't even been playing that well, it doesn't make any sense to bring him back.