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49ersHub is proud to present HubCast, SchemeCast and Weekly HubReport

The 49ersHub Crew was very proud to present the #49Problems Podcast for 50 episodes. There have been a variety of guests, ranging from media analysts all the way to Al Guido, President of the San Francisco 49ers. With a new season coming up, 49ersHub has decided to re-brand and expand it's media platform.

49ersHub will have two separate podcasts in order to bring better content to 49ers' fans across the world: HubCast and SchemeCast.

HubCast will be primarily led by Evan Sowards, Scott Young and Kevin Molina. It will continue to feature high-level analysis, various guests and the same shenanigans that was on the #49Problems podcast.

SchemeCast will be presented by Jay Moore and Rich Madrid. It will feature in-depth analysis on scheme, play design and many of the intricacies of the 49ers' offensive and defensive plays. This will offer 49ers' fans a new and different look into the schematic side of football.

49ersHub is also proud to announce a new weekly video show on YouTube featuring Evan Sowards, titled Weekly HubReport -- not in relation to Donald Trump's news show in any way, shape or form. This show will have weekly commentary, analysis and recaps of the 49ers.

In trying to bring the best content to 49ers' fans throughout the world, 49ersHub is exploring various platforms and mediums to try and deliver top-notch content. With the 2017-18 season around the corner, 49ersHub is expanding its reach with different types of audio podcasts and a brand-new video podcast.

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