• Akash Anavarathan

Seahawks sign QB Austin Davis, Colin Kaepernick remains unsigned

It seemed for a moment like Colin Kaepernick was finally going to get his chance in the NFL again. The Seattle Seahawks were interested, brought him in for a visit and by all records, Pete Carroll really liked Kaepernick. He even went so far to say that Kaepernick is a starting quarterback in this league.

But actions speak far louder than just words and the Seahawks went ahead and signed Austin Davis to be their backup quarterback, rather than Kaepernick.

It baffles me that Austin Davis has a shot in this league before Colin Kaepernick does. But many people thought that Kaepernick was demanding too much money and that his salary wasn't going to fit under the salary cap.

Well, Mike Freeman reported that salary wasn't the issue between the former starting quarterback for the 49ers. It was a lie, a complete lie according to Freeman. He also got a huge endorsement in the form a retweet, from none other than Kaepernick himself.

Kaepernick re-tweeted this tweet and another one, which was a link to a Pro Football Talk story that discussed salary demands not being the issue of him being signed.

We'll never know what the reality of it is. Seattle is playing this like "Kaepernick's too good to be a backup," while others are saying it's a salary issue.

Regardless, it's blasphemous that Davis gets a job ahead of Kaepernick in Seattle.