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49ers Opponents Draft Recap: NFC East

Today we’re continuing our look at the 49ers opponents drafts with our look at the NFC East.


DT Jonathan Allen, Round 1 Pick 17

LB Ryan Anderson, Round 2 Pick 17

CB Fabian Moreau, Round 3 Pick 17

RB Samaje Perine, Round 4 Pick 7

TE Jeremy Sprinkle, Round 5 Pick 10

C Chase Roullier, Round 6 Pick 15

WR Robert Davis, Round 6 Pick 25

S Josh Harvey-Clemons, Round 7 Pick 12

DB Joshua Holsey, Round 7 Pick 17

Washington has had a rough offseason, to say the least. Starting with the strange will-they/won’t they Kirk Cousins trade rumors and ending with former 49ers GM Scot McCloughan being fired and the team alleging it was alcohol related to save face, the team needed to make a splash on draft day. With McCloughans board, no less. They succeeded, to a point. They managed to get DT Jonathan Allen after slipping due to injury concerns. Allen will be an awesome new toy for former 49ers coach James Tiberius Tomsula. Allen coupled together with EDGE rusher Anderson should be a nice boost for their front seven and should be a good test for an OL for the Niners that as of right now is in flux.

Washington took advantage of a deep running back class and snagged themselves Samaje Perine. Last year it was Robert Kelly, and a whole lot of nothing. Perine should fit in nicely as a complimentary back. They also picked up Robert Davis to help bolster a WR corps that suffered from the losses of Garcon and Jackson. Davis likely won’t contribute right away, but Josh Doctson, Jamison Crowder, and newly acquired Terelle Pryor will be a big matchup for the Niners DBs.

Prediction against WAS - L I’m pegging this one as a loss, mainly due to unknowns. We don’t know how WAS will do without former OC McVay calling the shots. We don’t know how Kyle Shanahan will do staring listlessly across at Kirk Cousins, ponderingg what ifs and what could be. This will likely come down to one or two plays where a young guy on the defense misses an assignment and, lets say Jordan Reed, blows off a big play.

Dallas Cowboys

DE Taco Charlton, Round 1 Pick 28

CB Chidobe Awuzie, Round 2 Pick 28

CB Jourdan Lewis, Round 3 Pick 28

WR Ryan Switzer, Round 4 Pick 27

S Xavier Woods, Round 6 Pick 7

CB Marquez White, Round 6 Pick 33

DT Joey Ivie, Round 7 Pick 10

WR Noah Brown, Round 7 Pick 21

DT Jordan Carrell, Round 7 Pick 28

As heard on the 5/3 episode of the 49Problems podcast #winning, I do like me some players named after food. DAL Monday Night Football games should be pushed back a day so they’re on Taco Tuesdays. Taquerias all around Texas would be smart to do giveaways after a certain stat Is fulfilled per game.

That being said, value-wise I’m not into the pick at all. Taco has some athleticism issues (too much meat on the Taco?) and other issues that made him more of a 2nd round prospect by most draft evaluators boards. Their second round pick of Chidobe Awuzie, I think is an awesome fit for the team and should be an immediate upgrade for them. The SF WR corps is in semi disarray right now (always) and it should be a good test for any younger players that will make the roster. Ryan Switzer is another fun player and should provide impact in his first year.

Prediction against DAL - L This game will be another test for the defense. Not a test in tenacity or ferocity or any kind of physical aspect to the game, but in whether they can retain game planning info. The key to this game will be neutralizing Zeke and forcing Das to carry the game. The Niners came off of a historically bad run defense this last season and if they can limit Zeke to 100 yards rushing or less, I would chalk that up to a win no matter what the scoreboard says. Sometimes victories aren’t about winning the game but just proving you can be better than you were before. This game will go a long way towards instilling some confidence in the defense.

Philadelphia Eagles

DE Derek Barnett, Round 1 Pick 14

CB Sidney Jones, Round 2 Pick 11

CB Rasul Douglas, Round 3 Pick 35

WR Mack Hollins, Round 4 Pick 12

RB Donnel Pumphrey, Round 4 Pick 26

WR Shelton Gibson, Round 5 Pick 22

S Nate Gerry, Round 5 Pick 41

DT Elijah Qualls, Round 6 Pick 31

The front office of Philly is still trying to rebuild the roster in their image. After former head coach Chip Kelly was ousted from his role, they’ve been at work each offseason and draft replacing players with guys they like, much like the Niners are doing now. With new QB Carson Wentz coming into his own in his second year, this draft was about rebuilding the defense and adding offensive weapons for Wentz (OffWentzive Weapons).

PHI got a potential steal at pick 14 with Barnett. Barnett put up some eerily similar numbers to athletic phenom Myles Garrett. Barnett is going to be an impact player starting in camp and will be a test for Staley and the rest of the offensive line. Expect Shanahan to gameplay with play action/screens and quick throws to throw Barnett off. Alternatively, Rasul Douglas, taken in round 3, has the potential to have an impact this year as well. He’s a physical corner who can help set the tone for a game in Philly’s favor. He’ll be a tough player for our WRs (whoever they end up being).

Philly didn’t spend a whole lot of draft capital on the offensive side of the ball. They mainly took advantage of a deep-ish WR class to develop and hopefully get some depth from. Their most notable pick came in San Diego RB Donnel Pumphrey. Pumphrey had a high number of broken tackles for someone as small as he is, and if he can replicate that he can be a nice situational back for PHI. I’d expect them to start working him in slowly, and since the Niners are coming off of such a bad year of run defense, I’d expect him to get a lot of play that week.

Prediction against PHI - W Out of all the games in this division, I see this game as having the best chance at a win. PHI is still semi disjointed since firing Chip Kelly and are also a pretty young team. If Shanahan can be creative enough to scheme around Barnett and if the run defense holds up, the Niners have a decent chance.

New York Giants

TE Evan Engram, Round 1 Pick 23

DT Dalvin Tomlinson, Round 2 Pick 23

QB Davis Webb, Round 3 Pick 23

RB Wayne Gallman, Round 4 Pick 34

DE Avery Moss, Round 5 Pick 23

OT Adam Bisnowaty, Round 6 Pick 16

You know that phrase “It only takes one team liking a player to draft”? Apparently Evan Engram was that guy for the Giants. A Hybrid TE/WR type, Engram has the potential for big play, but other issues led most draft experts to predict an early/mid 2nd round grade on him. Engram ended up getting into a good situation in NY. He obviously won’t be asked to block much. He likely won’t get double teamed thanks to Odell Beckham Jr. He likely won’t be asked to do any more than what he’s good at, and thats perfect for him.

Gallman is another interesting pick. Last year their running back depth was riddled with injuries, made even worse due to them having Rashad Jennings and then no one of note behind him. Gallman could end up being a nice depth option for them who can probably contribute. Davis Webb is also a fun selection. Davis was picked quote farther down than the round 1 reports people tried to spin, and from a pure value perspective its a great pickup. I don’t foresee Webb having any kind of meaningful impact within the first couple years beyond being a backup. Manning still has a couple years left in him and given Webbs clear issues (accuracy/footwork/etc) it’d be good for him to sit and learn from the Manning brother with the most Super Bowl wins.

Prediction against NY - L This game will probably be the closest we will get for the Niners in terms of a shootout, especially given Hoyer at QB. Shanahans creativity on one side and Odell/Engram on the other. Add in Mannings ability to throw the ball (sometimes accurately) and thats a recipe for disaster. This will be an amazing game to test the secondary. To see how well Robinson and Witherspoon (Robinspoon?) can work with safeties Reid and Ward will be crucial. Knowing when to stay on your guy and when to know you’ll have help over the top. This will probably end up being one of the funner games of the season.

AUTHORS NOTE: After writing this piece I conferred and deliberated with the rest of the Hub team, and it turns out Peyton and Eli are tied with 2 Super Bowl wins each. Eli, however, beat the undefeated Patriots, so his wins count more. For ‘Murrica.

How do you think SF will do against the NFC East? What do you think of how the other teams drafted? Join me (@FakeScottYoung) and @49ersHub in the conversation. We’d love to hear what you think!

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