• Scott Young

Way Too Early Roster Projection/Possible Surprise Cuts

Earlier this week, the 49ers announced 13 roster cuts to make way for the 10 draft picks and 15 (unofficial) undrafted free agents. The Current 90-man roster currently stands at:

QB - Hoyer, Barkley, Beathard, Mullens

RB - Hyde, Hightower, Williams, Harris, Bibbs, Davis, Mostert, Breida, Juszczyk

TE - McDonald, Kittle, Paulsen, Bell, Hikutini, Celek

WR - Garcon, Kerley, Goodwin, Robinson, Smelter, Taylor, Ross, Ellington, Carter, Burbridge, Bolden, Cannon, Bourne

OL - Staley, Theus, Brown, Zuttah, Kilgore, Garnett, Gilliam, Price, Fusco, Barnes, Beadles, Magnuson, Flynn, Treadway, Williams

DL - Buckner, Armstead, Thomas, D. Jones, C. Jones, Mitchell, Dial, Blair,

DE/OLB - Lynch, Carradine, Harold, Brooks, Nwachukwu, Taumoepenu

ILB - Bowman, Foster, Armstrong, Smith, Coyle, Watson, Newsom, Gilbert

CB - Robinson, Witherspoon, Reaser, Redmond, Williams, Jones, Iworah, Johnson, Pretlow

S - Ward, Reid, Tartt, Colbert, Sunseri, Golden, Jerome

ST - Pinion, Nelson, Gould, Rose

DISCLAIMER - My 53-man projection will be biased. It may include people who will logically be cut or vice versa. Thankfully with a new coaching staff and GM, all bets are off!

QB - Hoyer, Barkley, Beathard 3

Short of a trade for Kirk Cousins, this seems pretty locked in. Kyle will want to keep Beathard to help him develop and gain experience.

RB - Hyde, Williams, Bibbs, Breida, Juzszcyk 5

It felt strange to cut Hightower, but with a low salary and a strange draft day trade for Bibs, this seems right for as of right now.

TE - Paulsen, Kittle, Hikutini 3

Shanahan has already stated his intentions to try and move McDonald. I’m anticipating the rookies to show up ready to fight for a spot.

WR - Garcon, Goodwin, Taylor, Cannon, Robinson 5

This may be the corps of the team requiring the most TLC. There’s only so much you can do in one year but having a mix of vets and rooks is always a good idea.

OL - Staley, Brown, Zuttah, Kilgore, Garnett, Gilliam, Price, Fusco 8

This year will probably require a lot of mending along the line as injuries take their toll, so to try and get the most versatile players possible will be imperative.

DL - Buckner, Armstead, Thomas, D. Jones, Mitchell, Blair 6

Depth will make DL one of the strongest corps for the team. I imagine after Chris Jones excellent showing last year that GM Lynch will try and trade him.

DE/OLB - Lynch, Carradine, Harold, Taumoepenu 4

EDGE will surely be a top priority in next years draft, so it only makes sense to keep youth around and try and develop your depth. Sorry, Brooks.

ILB - Bowman, Foster, Armstrong, Smith, Gilbert 5

Gilbert was a coveted UDFA and will likely get a shot and gain experience.

CB - Robinson, Witherspoon, Johnson, Reaser, Pretlow 5

Iworah is the odd one in the group. I feel like he could earn a spot as a KR/PR, an area thats lacked stability for quite some time.

S - Tartt, Reid, Ward, Jerome, Golden, Colbert 6

Jerome and Golden are 2 guys that should've been drafted, and Colbert is one hard hitter. They'll eat on special teams until they can develop their defensive game.

ST - Pinion, Nelson, Gould 3

'Nuff said. Some of the only locks on the team.

Final number: 53

As the headline states, this is SUPER early, and there are people I think could fit on the roster that will need to earn a spot. Iworah especially seems to fit Lynch and Shanahans mold of super athletic guys and I wouldn't be surprised if they end up enamored by him, only time will tell.

And training camp. Training camp will tell too.

NOTE: Yesterday Mike Davis was cut. Thankfully it does not change the final-too-early projection.

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