• Scott Young

After The Draft, Its Ok to Be Faithful Again

In the aftermath of what some people hyperbolically dubbed 49ers GM John Lynch trading back into the 1st round of the 2017 NFL Draft to nab Reuben Foster the “Heist of the Century”, I had the above epiphany.

Over the last couple years, after Our Lord and Savior Jim Harbaugh left the 49ers, It had felt like something to be hidden; To be a fan of the 49ers. I mean, it was never as bad as being a Browns fan, but it felt like the organization was headed down a similar path. In terms of every team in the Bay Area (Sharks, Warriors, Raiders, A’s, Giants), It certainly felt like the Niners were on the low end of popularity.

And rightfully so! Very rarely does an organization fire a coach as beloved as Harbaugh. A free fall was to be expected, despite how much Jed York saw Steve Kerr in Jim Tomsula. Tomsula was destined to fail at the point that graphic was made comparing his 1 win percentage to those of Walsh and Seifert. Then there was Chip Kelly. Chip did the absolute best he could do given everything he was given to work with. The Little Giants had a more stacked roster than the Niners he coached. Then there’s Baalke. Baalkes tenure as GM will be dissected and studied for years to come. It takes a very special type of person to ruin an organization as much as he did. The freewill was inevitable, and it felt like the fans were hit the hardest.

Then came John Lynch, who busted onto the scene like the John Cena Meme, and like Kurt Russell in Tombstone, he came, and hell came with him, in the form of Kyle Shanahan. Being that Lynch had about as close to zero experience at being a GM as I do, I, and the rest of the fanbase were wary, to say the least. But then something happened. He started surrounding himself with amazing football minds who knew how to play the front office game. Elway gifted Adam Peters to us, and Martin Mayhew came in not long later. Next thing you know, the front office was stacked with people that not only understood how low a franchise could get, but also how to raise it back up. Optimism was earned, no mater how cautious it felt.

The tweet from above came early in the draft, after only 2 of the final 10 count. It felt right to say though, and still does. Solomon Thomas will feel like an odd pick. A 6’3” monster of a man who may or may not be able to play on the edge of a line. But its ok, because we can have faith that it’ll work. Reuben Fosters shoulder may not heal right away, but its ok to have faith that it will. Williams, Beathard, Witherspoon, or any of the other 5 prospects couldd flame out, but we can be proud to say we have faith that they’ll work; To have faith that the team will work.

To just have Faith.