• Akash Anavarathan

49ers Introduce Reuben Foster and Solomon Thomas

The 49ers officially introduced their first-round picks, Reuben Foster and Solomon Thomas. John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan left after their photo opportunities and the media was left to ask their questions.

Here are some of the quick reactions from the Press Conference with the players' responses:

Reuben Foster was asked about his shoulder, here was his response:

Solomon Thomas asked about what he thinks about being in the NFL.

Foster asked about what he thinks about being with the 49ers.

Best part of the presser, was when Foster was asked about being called by the Saints and then the 49ers picked him.

Foster then avoids a question on the sponsorship of his draft day party, which was sponsored by a Vaping Company. Foster kept mentioning Patrick Willis' name throughout the press conference, adding that he wants to be here.

The takeaway from this Press Conference is that Reuben Foster and Solomon Thomas are positive guys, with great attitudes and should come in looking to work hard and they'll earn their way up.