• Akash Anavarathan

49ers Trade Back into First Round, take Reuben Foster

OOOOOH BOY! John Lynch is an absolute wizard.

First he gets the same player at No. 3, that he would've taken at No. 2. But in the process, he added a third and fourth round pick this year and a third round pick next year.

Then, he moves back into the first round, giving up the fourth-round pick that he didn't even have to start today with. He grabs inside linebacker, Reuben Foster, from Alabama. That's one hell of a pick up right there.

Both Solomon Thomas and Reuben Foster were once top-10 picks, and now they'll both be with the 49ers, and in the process they added two third-round picks. WHAT A STEAL.

Foster has been slipping with shoulder concerns and the Combine drug test failure, but he's still as talented as any player in this draft.

He'll line up right next to NaVorro Bowman and will be key in stopping the run. The 49ers had Foster in for a visit and reportedly fell in his love with his love for the game. According to Matt Maiocco, it was similar to Frank Gore's love for the game.

Foster also called John Lynch and spent nearly 7 hours with him after the drug test failure was reported to the media.

This is going to be a steal for the 49ers and John Lynch is kicking butt as a first-time GM. For the first time in a while, the excitement as a 49ers' fan is growing wild.

Check out a highlight tape of Reuben Foster here:

The 49ers get the best run defenders at their respective positions and still add picks. The John Lynch era is off to a fantastic start.