• Akash Anavarathan

San Francisco 49ers' Regular Season Schedule + Initial Predictions

The San Francisco 49ers have released their full regular season schedule and 49ers Hub has you covered with the games and some quick reactions.

Week 1: vs. Carolina Panthers

The 49ers will not open on a ESPN Monday Night Football game this season, after doing so the past two years. Cam Newton and the Panthers will make their first trip to Levi's in this Week 1 showcase.

Newton will be playing his first game since having the shoulder surgery and it'l be fascinating to see if it affects his play in any way.

The 49ers lost against the Panthers in Charlotte during the 2016 season, by a score of 46-27.

San Francisco has not lost a season opener since 2010 and will look to continue the streak agains tthe Panthers in Week 1.

Prediction: LOSS, 49ers drop Kyle Shanahan's debut has a head coach

Week 2: at Seattle Seahawks

The first road game for the 49ers will be a huge test for Kyle Shanahan. San Francisco has struggled mightily against the Seahawks, losing seven straight to Seattle.

The Seahawks will feature a potent defense and a competent offense. This might be a tall order for a young coach, with an even younger team.

The 49ers have not won in Seattle since 2011, but lets see if Kyle Shanahan and Co. can turn it around this year.

Prediction: LOSS, the Century Link demons continue, as the 49ers get blown out.

Week 3: vs. Los Angeles Rams (Thursday Night Football)

The 49ers have a short week following a tough game in Seattle. They'll take on rookie head coach Sean McVay and the LA Rams at home in their only prime time game, potentially.

The 49ers got two wins last year, and those two came against the Rams. Los Angeles boasts a tough defense, but a young quarterback, Jared Goff, might struggle again under the big lights.

This might be the first win of Kyle Shanahan's head coaching career. (Hopefully not, I'd like for them to be 2-0 heading into this game, but who knows)

Prediction: WIN, the 49ers find their first win against the McVay's Rams

Week 4: at Arizona Cardinals

The 49ers will face another divisional foe in Week 4, heading to Arizona. The Cardinals have won four straight against the 49ers and three straight dating back to 2013 at the University of Phoenix stadium.

This will likely be another tough test for the young 49ers team on the road against an experienced, veteran Cardinals team.

Prediction: LOSS, the 49ers drop a tough one at Arizona.

Week 5: at Indianapolis Colts

The Frank Gore reunion game! Gore will be playing in his first game against the 49ers as an Indianapolis Colt. Andrew Luck will be leading a tough offense against the 49ers, in a road back-to-back.

The Colts, though they have a porous defense and offensive line, are clearly the better team with the better quarterback.

Prediction: LOSS, the 49ers get screwed with two road games back-to-back and drop them both.

Week 6: at Washington Redskins

The 49ers will be making their east coast visit to play the Redskins in D.C., with a lot of storylines brewing.

Kyle Shanahan will be "taking his talents" back to Washington, where he was an offensive coordinator under his dad, Mike Shanahan.

Most of the offseason was dominated by headlines surrounding QB Kirk Cousins' future in Washington and how he could potentially come to SF next season.

Prediction: WIN, Kyle Shanahan upsets the team that let him and his dad go.

Week 7: vs. Dallas Cowboys

The 49ers will face Dak Prescott, Ezekiel Elliott and the Cowboys at home for the second straight year. The Cowboys won at Levi's last year and it'll be awfully tough again for the 49ers.

Although the Cowboys' defense has a lost a lot of players this offseason, their offense continues to be stacked, featuring the best OL in the league.

Prediction: LOSS, the 49ers are back on a losing streak against Dallas.

Week 8: at Philadelphia Eagles

Brutal, but the 49ers will have to travel back to the east coast to face the Philadelphia Eagles, who wil throw out young, emerging quarterback Carson Wentz and a new group of receivers.

This will also be the Torrey Smith reunion game, who's now a WR with the Eagles, after spending the last two seasons with the 49ers.

The Eagles-49ers didn't play in 2015 or 2016, but the 49ers won the last matchup in 2014 under Harbaugh.

Prediction: LOSS, the 49ers have to fly back to the east coast for an early start and likely struggle again.

Week 9: vs. Arizona Cardinals

The 49ers face the Cardinals again and the result is probably is the same as the first game. The 49ers have a rough stretch in the schedule and it's hard to see them winning any of these games.

Prediction: LOSS, the 49ers can't seem to find their winning ways.

Week 10: vs. New York Giants

Eli Manning and the New York Giants will make their first visit to Levi's Stadium in this mid-season showdown. The Giants had a top-flight defense last season, and have added receivers to their offense to make it even more explosive.

The 49ers played at MetLife Stadium two seasons ago under Jim Tomsula, where they lost a close game 16-10, but both teams are much different now.

Prediction: LOSS, Giants and the defense will carry them to a victory in this game.

Week 11: BYE

Week 12: vs. Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawks come to Levi's during a tough stretch and likely take care of business. The 49ers don't have the personnel that the Seahawks have and won't be able to keep up in this late season showdown;

The Seahawks are historically good coming down the stretch of a season and will likely win this one in San Francisco.

Prediction: LOSS, 49ers won't have any luck against Seattle at home.

Week 13: at Chicago Bears

The 49ers will head to Chicago in a cold, December game that could be similar to last season's game where Kaepernick only threw for four yards.

This will also be a homecoming for new 49ers, Brian Hoyer, Matt Barkley and Robbie Gould.

The Bears will likely have a young roster, quarterbacked by Mike Glennon. Depending on how the season starts, this could be an early battle for draft positioning in 2018.

Prediction: WIN, 49ers finally break their losing streak, beating Chicago in a close game.

Week 14: at Houston Texans

The Texans quarterback might be Tom Savage, but that won't change the fact that they'll have a top-notch defense. Hoyer will be making a return back to Houston, but the result won't be pretty.

The Texans will be likely fighting for a playoff spot, and the 49ers battling for draft position, leading to this result.

Prediction: LOSS, 49ers get back to losing in a tough game against the Texans in Houston.

Week 15: vs. Tennessee Titans

The 49ers will face the Titans and Marcus Mariota for the first time in four years. The Titans will visit the 49ers for the first time since 2009.

The Titans have a really good young roster, that'll likely be competing with the Texans and Colts for a playoff spot. It'll be a tough matchup for the 49ers down the stretch.

Prediction: LOSS, Mariota carries the Titans to a victory at Levi's Stadium.

Week 16: vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jaguars roll into Levi's for the first time, but with a young team, a new head coach and quarterback fighting for his career.

The schedule gets easy here, and the 49ers likely win in front of the fans in their last home game.

Prediction: WIN, fans and the 49ers pride carry them to a win here against the Jags.

Week 17: at Los Angeles Rams

The 49ers will face the Rams in their last contest of the season. Who knows if Jared Goff is the quarterback for the Rams.

Kyle Shanahan-Sean McVay will continue their rivalry in a game that the 49ers should win.

Prediction: WIN, the 49ers don't care if Jeff Fisher's the coach or not, they'll bi-annually beat the Rams.