• Akash Anavarathan

Report: 49ers showing interest in FA QB Brian Hoyer

With no quarterbacks on the roster, the 49ers will have to turn to potential free agents, rookies or -- Kirk Cousins -- for a QB.

According to Ian Rapaport of NFL Network, the 49ers have some interest in QB Brian Hoyer.

This was expected as Hoyer played under Shanahan and played some of his best football in Cleveland. He's coming off a decent year in Chicago and is being pursued by the Jets as well.

If the 49ers don't get Kirk Cousins, they'll probably go after Hoyer to be a stopgap quarterback this season and look to sign Cousins next season.

Mike Florio at Pro Football Talk went on to add that Brian Hoyer will pick his team by Thursday.

By tomorrow, we'll have a better idea of what the 49ers are doing at quarterback, will it be Hoyer or will the 49ers look in another direction?

Under Shanahan, Hoyer had a 55.3% completion rate, 12 touchdowns and had a 7-6 record -- with the Browns -- through 13 games. He's had better years since with Houston and Chicago and will look to continue his NFL tour.

Hoyer earlier in the year raved about Shanahan, comparing him to Bill Belichick. Clearly he has a lot of respect for Shanahan, and if he has the choice, I'm guessing he'll be in San Francisco by the end of the week.

He's by no means the future at the quarterback position, but he'll definitely be a stopgap option for next year.

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