Tracker: Who are the 49ers Meeting With at the NFL Scouting Combine?

With the NFL Scouting Combine underway this week, lots of reports are flying around about which prospects the 49ers are meeting with. It doesn't necessarily mean a whole lot, because teams typically meet with a lot of players this time of year.

This post will keep track of who's been reported to meet with the 49ers during the Combine.

Update (3/3):

The 49ers will be meeting with three of the four top quarterbacks in this draft, according to Rob Lowder.

QB Mitch Trubisky

A quarterback that many have mocked to the 49ers, Trubisky will be meeting with the 49ers. The one year starter at North Carolina, Trubisky has been praised for his high completion rate (68%) and his ability to distribute the ball. I personally am not sold on Trubisky, but we'll see what the 49ers think..(that's more important)

QB Deshaun Watson

The National Champion Quarterback from Clemson had high stock heading into this past season. After up and down performances throughout the regular season, he showed up when it mattered most against Alabama in the National Championship game. Not sure where he's going to be drafted, but will be rising quickly up draft boards.

QB Patrick Mahomes

The Red Raider Quarterback, Mahomes, is the exciting prospect in the NFL draft who could have big returns for his value. He has the ideal size and arm to throw anywhere on the field. He has a funky throwing motion, but it seems to work as he throws dimes across the field. Most think he'll be a second round pick, but i'll think he'll go in the late first. Probably not going to start immediately, but could be a future starter a year or two in.

From (3/2):

QB Deshone Kizer

According to John Lynch himself, the 49ers met with the Notre Dame QB on Wednesday Evening, He had said during his press conference that Kizer "blew the doors off."

Kizer, the Notre Dame QB, has been up and down this past season. Many scouts think that he has the best ability and size to be successful in the NFL, but he routinely didn't play up to that standard this past season.

It'll be interesting to see what the 49ers do at the quarterback position, but this could just be Lynch stirring up some interest to trade back from the No. 2 overall pick.

There was a report from KNBR's Kevin Jones regarding some running backs that the 49ers met with:

RB Matt Dayes

Dayes, an NC State Running Back, had a good season as he rushed for nearly 1,200 yards and had 10 touchdowns. He also was a receiving threat, as he caught 32 passes from the backfield. It'll be interesting to see what the 49ers do here, as Dayes has been an under the radar prospect at the running back position.

RB Corey Clement

The Wisconsin Running Back had nearly 1,400 yards rushing with 15 touchdowns. He wasn't nearly the threat that Dayes was in the passing game, but seems to be a better pure runner. At 5'11" he seems to be an ideal size to be a running back for the 49ers.

RB Kareem Hunt

After a down year in 2015, Hunt bounced back in 2016 with nearly 1,500 yards. Playing for Toledo, he was a focal point in their offense and thrived in the system. He'll most likely be another under the radar prospect, but could provide good value at the running back position.

RB Justin Davis

The Senior Running Back for the Trojans, Davis rushed for only 600 yards this past season. Don't be fooled though, he only had a 110 rushing attempts, as the offense was centered primarily around freshman QB Sam Darnold. He has the same yards per carry as the other three running backs here at roughly 5.5 yards/carry.

RB Christian McCaffrey

No surprise here, but the 49ers will meet the the Stanford standout, according to Cam Inman.

McCaffrey is a threat anywhere on the field. He's returning kicks, punts, running and catching passes out of the backfield. It'll be interesting to see where he goes in the draft, as many scouts think he'll go in the late first round.

We'll try to keep up with all of the other prospects that meet with the 49ers. Tweet us at @49ersHub or me @akashanav with what you think about these prospects!

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