• Akash Anavarathan

Report: RB Leonard Fournette "in play" at No. 2 Overall

According to KNBR's Kevin Jones, there are rumors at the NFL Scouting Combine that Fournette could be an option with the No. 2 Overall Pick.

Jones is in Indianapolis for the Combine, but he talked to KNBR this morning. Here's the full quote on Fournette

"One crazy rumor I did hear is that Leonard Fournette might be in play at #2 for the 49ers. He's that talented of a player. They truly may believe that he's the best player in the draft. That would be wild because you already have Carlos Hyde. It wouldn't really make sense but if you think Fournette is going to be that good, is going to be a 1,500 yard back a year and you're not sure on other guys, I think they would receive so much criticism for that move but I hear he's not being scratched off the board at number two."

Fournette is widely regarding as the #1 running back prospect in the NFL Draft. With LSU, he's rushed for 3,800 yards, with 40 touchdowns. He's got the size, power and speed to translate to a great running back in the NFL, but is it worth the #2 pick?

We'll continue to watch rumors for what the 49ers do in the NFL Draft.