• Akash Anavarathan

49ers add 7 more members to the Coaching Staff

Tuesday afternoon, the 49ers announced the hiring of seven more coaches to Kyle Shanahan's staff. Most of these hires were reported earlier by the 49ers Hub, but were officially confirmed.

Here are the hires:

John Benton, Offensive Line

Daniell Bullocks, Assistant Defensive Backs

Michael Clay, Strength and Conditioning Assistant

Stan Kwan, Assistant Special Teams

Vince Oghobasse, Assistant Defensive Line

DeMeco Ryans, Defensive Quality Control

Adam Stenavich, Assistant Offensive Line

Clay comes back to the 49ers, but in a different role in his second season. Last season, he worked with Special Teams on Chip Kelly's staff. Now, he comes back as the Strength and Conditioning Assistant.

Kwan, comes in to his first season with the 49ers. He comes from New Orleans, where he did the same job for the past four seasons. Kwan has moved around the league working in Special Teams and Offense.

Oghobasse comes back to the 49ers in the same role from last season. He was a GA at Ohio State University before joining the 49ers.

DeMeco Ryans is the huge surprise hire, who joins the 49ers fresh out of retirement. At 32 years old, he's probably still in shape to be playing as linebacker, but he'll bring a fresh set of eyes to the sideline. He spent 10 seasons with the Texans and four with the Eagles. He's a former All-Pro, Pro Bowler and Rookie of the Year. I think it's a fantastic hire, and could be on the rise, similar to Mike Vrabel in Houston.

Stenavich comes into his first season with the 49ers as Assistant Offensive Line coach. He spent the past two seasons at San Jose State in the same role. His connection to Shanahan and Benton come from his playing days in Houston.

Looks like the Coaching Staff might be completely filled out. What do you guys think of these hires?