• Evan Sowards

It's okay to be excited, everyone.

When I was a kid, I would wake up every morning to get up to get ready for school pretty much exactly how everyone else would. I’d take a couple minutes to roll out of bed, I’d spend about twice as long in the shower just staring into the abyss, trying to piece my world together.

The one thing that wasn’t like everyone else's experiences? As soon as I got dressed and opened my door to my room to go downstairs, my brother would jump out and slap me across the face, as hard as he could. This went on for two years. I would always try and find ways to be ready to stop him, but no matter what, I got slapped in the face. It was like Slapsgiving from How I Met Your Mother except there was no agreement. Just an older brother slapping my dignity into another dimension.

Then one day, on my 16th birthday, I climbed out and jumped from my second story room to the ground to hide from my brothers assault. When I slipped into the kitchen from the back door, there he was, just sitting at the table. He made me breakfast! He told me he was done slapping me and instead has decided to be nice to me from here on out. No tricks. No games, things were just going to get better. Even though every day going forward that year he followed through with his promise and was a great brother, I never really trusted that bastard. I still don’t.

Now here's the thing. That story is completely made up. Never happened. I wouldn’t let someone slap me for two years that’s completely unrealistic. However, I wanted to tell that story to show you that I do understand the concept of being hesitant to be happy and excited about the hiring of Kyle Shanahan. I get it guys! I do, but here’s the thing. Even though things have been epically horrible for a few years, doesn’t mean we need to get stuck in that realm.

You know the story. Rags to riches, then riches to snitches (get it because all the leaks and everything). We had a Harbaugh, then we didn’t. Then everyone left us like my stupid ex girlfriend who said she loved me forever BUT CLEARLY DIDN’T CHRISTINA HOW COULD YOU MY DOG LOVED YOU. Okay, sorry. Seriously though these have been some really tough years. We couldn’t even get the number one pick and get losing right! Nothing has gone our way. Except for now, things are, and you people are still freaking out.

Despite the Atlanta Falcons defense blowing a Super Bowl record twenty five point lead, the internet and essentially every Falcons fan has decided that Kyle was the sole reason for the epic collapse. Don’t mind the million factors that go into every single play, on both sides of the ball. Our new head coach is no longer the next Bill Belichik, young prodigy he was declared to be.

Really? This guy takes a middle of the pack, good but not great quarterback in Matt Ryan and turns him into the MVP. I mean really, two years ago if you would have told me Matt Ryan was going to be the MVP I would have bet my life savings that wouldn’t happen. He turned his two running backs into one of the best tandems I’ve ever seen. He’s a cerebral genius, and now he’s our head coach.

When John Lynch was announced we all lost it. Everyone was rightfully concerned about that. We miss out on a bunch of great GM candidates, and we end up hiring a guy that has literally zero experience in the task ahead. Then as time went on you started to read about his drive and dedication he has. His work ethic. Most importantly, his connections and the kind of people he would likely be bringing with him to help him as he learns his job. With the hiring of Adam Peters it was considered almost unanimously to be a home run hire with a guy who was essentially qualified to be the GM himself.

So here’s the point. I get being a 49ers fan has been really freaking tough lately. I get things have been progressively getting worse just about every day since Harbaugh left. The thing is though, that’s all over. The team has a great coach now, with an unprecedented amount of upside. Having roughly one hundred million dollars in cap space with a number two overall pick. This are great things to have and gives fans a lot to look forward to. So enjoy it! Live in the moment, you get to be a fan again.