• Evan Sowards

The good type of rumors

In a massive late night twitter info dump, Bay Area native and all knowing Mike Silver dropped some serious knowledge regarding the San Francisco 49ers head coaching position. Mike wrote that according to his sources, it is almost certain that Kyle Shanahan will accept the 49ers’ multi-year offer to be the head coach.

With so many stories and leaks regarding this position, that might not have been the most interesting of all the tweets. In the beginning, it seemed to have been Josh McDaniels vs Kyle Shanahan. The two considered to be the best choices amongst all available suitors.

One part of this that had worried almost every fan, was the rumor that Tom Cable could potentially be a candidate. When discussed by fans and beat writers, it was assumed that Cable would be a backup plan at best, and at worst, simply leverage for the team when negotiating with Shanahan.

Mike Silver did in fact report however, that Tom Cable at all times was a very serious candidate. Reporting that today he had a phone interview with not Jed, or Paraag, but Denise DeBartolo, sister to none other than Eddie DeBartolo Jr. The mother of Jed before this season, had been extremely hands off with the team generally allowing Jed to handle everything.

So here we are and not only was Cable, a man known for multiple domestic violence occurrences, a sincere candidate, but Jed wasn’t even the main one interviewing him! As they say on the streets, “There’s layers to this ish!”. So is Jed in time out? Is Denise now just the final boss in interviews to be the head coach of what could be the worst team in the NFL.

With all of those thoughts being potential bad news for 49ers fans, the good news is front and center. One of the top head coaching candidates according to Silver, is all but a lock to be the next head coach. If you didn’t watch the Falcons play the Seahawks last week, let me just say that us here at the Hub consider this a big, big win. With plenty of work to be done, this rebuild has to start somewhere, and where better than hiring Kyle Shanahan.