Making a Case for Sean McVay

Sean McVay, grandson of 49ers legend John McVay, spent the last six years on the Washington Redskin's coaching staff (first four years as tight ends coach, last two as offensive coordinator). So, what makes Sean McVay so interesting? It's not his age (30), it's not his ancestry, it's his football mind and his passion for the game.

McVay was only twenty-four years old when he was running the tight ends meetings. In these meetings were Chris Cooley and Fred Davis, from the MMQB (Link) Chris Cooley said [about McVay];

“It didn’t matter where Sean came from, how old he was—the dude knew it better than anyone else,” says Cooley. “He was the best.

“I remember, in the first week that he took over, I was finally being coached intricately on some of the things that go into the tight end position. He taught every tiny nuance. I wish I would’ve gotten to work with him a lot longer. I loved all the coaches that I played for. I absolutely did. But I would’ve been better if I had worked with Sean for my entire career. I have no doubt about that.”

From 2014 on, Washington's offense thrived under Gruden/McVay. In 2014, they ranked 13th in total offense, 17th in 2015, and 3rd in 2016. Their offense worked the most through Kirk Cousins (QB and a FA in 2017) and Jordan Reed (TE). McVay was able to capture the respect of his players, even at such a young age. When McVay was promoted, Jordan Reed called Sean McVay to congratulate McVay. Jordan Reed told 'The Washington Post' (Link);

“Coach McVay always tries to help everybody,” Reed told me recently. “You know if he says something, he means it.”

Chris Thompson (RB) to CSN Mid-Atlantic (Link);

"I'm not surprised at all. Just looking at his body of work since he’s been the [offensive coordinator]. Hard work shows for itself," running back Chris Thompson said. "Even my rookie year when he was just tight ends coach, you could just see it in him, how smart he is."

Chris Thompson continued;

"It’s funny. We say stuff about it all the time. Each and every week, sometimes its the same routes, but he goes over it every single time. Every little thing, he wants it to be perfect. That's what's great about him. Sometimes, as players you get a little aggravated about it because you’re like, ‘Man it's just one extra step, it won’t make a difference.’ But in this league all those things matter."

Will McVay be a successful coach? At this point, it's hard to tell. However, does age effect a coach? Sean is 8 months younger than Lane Kiffin when he coached the Oakland Raiders in 2007, two years younger than Raheem Morris when he coached the Buccaneers in 2009, as was Josh McDaniels when he coached the Broncos in 2009. However, John Madden, Don Shula, Bill Cowher, Mike Tomlin and John Gruden were all under 35 when they started their coaching career.

McVay may be a bust, however, he is one of those head coaches you take a chance on and try to groom and give time to. Here in San Fran (okay, Santa Clara), where he is very familiar with, where he played catch with Jerry Rice and Steve Young, is the perfect place for Sean to start his career.

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