• Kyle Breitkreutz

Jonathan Allen : Superman

6-3, 291 lbs. When you are that big, you shouldn't be able to maneuver like an NFL linebacker. Enter Jonathan Allen, arguably the best player in the 2017 NFL draft, alongside Myles Garrett. During his four year career at the University of Alabama, Allen registered 139 tackles with 26 sacks. Jonathan lines up anywhere on the defensive line and succeeds. Immediately, Allen draws comparisons to Ndomukong Suh and Julius Peppers. It's not often you see a player with his size and skill set producing at the level he is.

PFF listed Allen as their number two prospect in the NFL draft, writing: " A completely disruptive force on the inside, he has racked up eight sacks, 11 hits and 34 hurries on 322 pass rushing snaps, good for a pass rushing productivity rating of 12.6, ranking third among 3-4 defensive ends in college this year. He's not limited to just being a pass-rusher though, and has added 28 tackles resulting in a defensive stop against the run, with his run stop percentage of 12.8 percent ranking second at the position."

Wether you run a 4-3 or a 3-4, Jonathan Allen can come in and contribute anywhere you put him, defensive end or defensive tackle. He is the type of player that you change your defense for. Allen is going to be a difference maker in the NFL, the only question is, where?