• Evan Sowards

Uncle Phil Goes for 400

Phil Dawson has jumped into the record books with an elite list of NFL kickers today by becoming the tenth kicker to make four hundred fields goals in NFL history. By doing so this brings Dawson together with some of the greatest kickers of all time by the likes of Sebastian Janikowski, Morten Anderson, and Adam Vinatieri.

Phil Dawson graduated from the University of Texas in 1998, where he joined the NFL with the Oakland Raiders that year as an underrated free agent. He also had a brief stop in New England, before he landed in Cleveland the year after where he’s spent the majority of his career.

A fan favorite known for generally being the number one weapon when it came to scoring points in Cleveland, Dawson signed with San Francisco in 2013. Many saw as an attempt to go to a Super Bowl contender. The 49ers are currently 1-8 and with a loss will tie the record for most consecutive losses in franchise history.