• Kyle Breitkreutz

Prospect Spotlight: Myles Garrett, Edge Texas A&M

On terms of NFL draft prospects in 2017, Myles Garrett has it all. He is a big bodied, fast footed, loose hip, edge defender that can beat you in several ways. Not excited yet? Let’s continue. Looking at just his size, listed at 6’5” and 270 lbs, he has the mold of a player who can play either 4-3 DE or 3-4 OLB. He has the NFL frame that you look for when finding an edge player. While writing this, Myles Garrett is only six games into his 2016 season, putting up only 4 sacks on the year, however through three seasons, he has accumulated 26 sacks. Right now, Myles Garrett is only 20 years old (will turn 21 in December), so putting all of that together, the world is in Myles Garrett’s hands. Garrett could go anywhere from the number one pick to being the number three overall pick, so wherever he lands in those top three picks, whichever team gets him is getting a good player, here is why.

STRENGTHS: Outside of stat stuffing, Myles does a great job of putting constant pressure on the quarterback. Making a quarterback feel uncomfortable is one of the most invaluable things in the NFL. He does so with his foot quickness, natural bend, hip flexibility, speed, power, and hand placement. In 1v1 matchups, Myles looks to dominate 24/7. What makes him even more special, is his awareness and snap anticipation. Comes off the line so quick that it doesn’t allow the OLman to get set into their stance, which leads to a lot of holds to try to slow him down. So, once he gets past the tackle, Garrett looks to knock the ball out of opposing quarterback's hands, and since he plays on the left side of the QB, or the “blind side”, it has helped Garrett rack up 6 forced fumbles over the course of his career. He has long arms, long legs, and an extremely good head on his shoulders. He is the definition of a quarterback’s worst nightmare.

However, let’s not get caught up on his natural pass rushing abilities. He also does a great job of stopping the run. He does a great job of reading, anchoring, and reacting. There isn’t a lot of times where you see him get knocked off a play and rendered irrelevant. There was a rumor that if you “run right at him” it was his weakness... It is completely not true. He sheds blocks very well and will make you pay. With all of these things stacked up in Myles’ favor, it makes sense as to why he is being considered a top three pick.

WEAKNESS: There is no “sure thing” in the NFL.

What worries some people about Myles Garrett is the productivity in 2016. He isn’t putting up the stats that he did in his freshman and sophomore year at TAMU. This may have to do with teams doubling blockers on him, which causes some alarm for his readiness for the NFL, and his strength in handling double teams. As an edge defender, you do not want to be eating blockers, your primary job is to get to the QB as quick as possible, and if you aren’t able to swarm the quarterback, he will find an open wide receiver. There is some worry about his inside moves compared to his strong outside moves.

OVERALL: Myles Garrett is a talent that doesn’t come around often. Some will bring up the example of Von Miller, or Julius Peppers. Others will be quick to note Jadeveon Clowney. The upside of Myles is sky high. Much more than any of the other prospects in this draft class, including DeShaun Watson and DeShon Kizer. Whatever team takes him in the 2017 draft has a day one starter.

Player Comparison: (floor) Markus Golden