• Ryan Geach

The 49ers, through the eyes of Ryan

What’s up everyone? My name is Ryan Geach and I am actually not a member of the podcast here, so I

suppose I should introduce myself a little. I am 25 years old and some of you may remember me from

my time at Niners Nation where I wrote the golden nuggets for about two years. In that time, Fooch only

yelled at me like four times, so I guess I’m an okay writer.

I have been a 49er fan for as long as I can remember, and that is actually somewhat impressive

considering I live in the heartland of 49ers country (Sacramento) and yet none of my family or close

friends have ever been a 49er fan. My father is a Rams fan, and most everyone else is Raiders. I know,


I have my own opinions on what is and is not good football. I am not what Tim Kawakami would call a

shill, nor am I the guy that is going to blame the 49ers organization for everything bad that happens. I’ll

tell you the truth. Jed York has very little to do with the failures of the 49ers on the field and the team

was only going to be marginally better last season even if Jim Harbaugh stayed as coach. I won’t quote

you PFF grades, because as good as they are at what they do, they have become a crutch for a lot of

writers and analysts. What I can promise you, is that I will be give you my honest opinion and hope that

you won’t yell at me over your computer. Because that happened more often than you might think.

Anyways, now that you guys know who I am let’s get down to business. This is my first post here and for

it, I wanted to treat this as a sort of season preview. What I expect, what I don’t expect, and just where I

see the 49ers ending the season on a scale of terrible to meh.

Let’s just be honest, we’re all realistic people. The 49ers are not a good football team. But this is the

NFL, where we see teams drastically outperform preseason expectations every season. Could the 49ers

under a coach that isn’t Jim Tomsula be one of those teams? I’m not holding my breath. Most people I

talk to, and even Vegas, seem to be expecting the team to pull off a season that will land them a top 5

pick. With a healthy season, getting to 8-8 or 9-7 is technically possible if I squint hard enough, but the

playoffs are a reeeally long shot.

Most football people would probably rank the top two position areas that teams want to be strong in as

quarterback and pass rush. Unfortunately, the 49ers are probably looking at bottom 10 units in both

areas. Anyone familiar with my twitter feed can tell you that I am not the biggest Colin Kaepernick fan in

the world. Most of what I say is trolling, but my honest opinion is that he is a bottom five starter in the

league. Blaine Gabbert is not good himself, but everything I saw last season makes me very confident in

saying that he is at least better than Kap.

As far as pass rush goes, the 49ers do have some potential, but having your best player (Aaron Lynch)

miss the first four games is the kind of absence that will cost the team games. Especially when that

leaves the top pass rusher as the ghost of Ahmad Brooks. By the way, how is he still on the team? Eli

Harrold looks the part, and Tank Carradine can hopefully play like the first round talent he was when he

was drafted. Especially now that the 49ers ridiculous strategy of beefing up an already beefed up player

has been put to rest. One of the things I am really looking forward to seeing this season is Tank

Carradine: pass rusher.

The Schedule is going to be tough every year for the foreseeable future with Seattle and Arizona being

the Superbowl threats that they are. And as much as I love to rip on Jeff Fisher for being the king of 8-8,

the Rams also probably have more talent than the 49ers. Even the non-conference schedule looks to be

on the brutal side with very few to no games that look like gimmies.

The fact is, none of us know the kind of impact that Chip Kelly is going to have on the team. The optimist

in me sees some similarities with the roster when Jim Harbaugh took over. The realist in me notes that I

thought the exact same thing when Tomsula took over. As I get older, I find that the realistic part of my

brain grows stronger while the optimistic side is feeling the effects of watching a bad football team for

the majority of my life.

Like I said earlier, I could see an 8-8 or 9-7 season if the team stays relatively healthy and some of our

opponents do not. It really just depends on how much of an effect Chip Kelly has on the team. I am

expecting Blaine Gabbert to start, and hopefully the Offensive line is as improved as it looks to be on

paper. I am expecting the worst with this team, so hopefully that means I come away pleasantly

surprised this season. What I really think is going to happen though, is the 49ers will score a lot more

points than they did last season but still come up short more often than they win. At the very least the

team should be a lot more fun to watch than it was last season. Also, they are set up nicely to compete

in the future with lots of young talent and only one bad contract that is easy to get out of.

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