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CEO/Director/Co-Host of HubCast

Scott Young is the CEO and Director of 49ersHub. As Co-Host of HubCast, the only thing faster than his wit is Marquise Goodwin. Don't let his stunning good looks fool you, this cat knows how to get down and dirty.

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Lead Editor

Hailing from the East Bay, Steve's 49ers fandom dates back to the Bill Walsh days. Too young to remember "The Catch," his earliest memory is Montana to Taylor to win Super Bowl XXIII. He is an avid shutterbug who enjoys photographing stadiums. 

Find him on Twitter: ChillboyPwrhead



Contributor/Lead Film Analyst

Bret was placed in a cryogenic freeze following the end of World War II and thawed out in 1980. He's spent time working in congress, stocking a beer cooler and seeking out various forms of heavy metal. Bret's claim to fame is sharing pages of a comprehensive Turlock football history book with Colin Kaepernick.

Find him on Twitter: brumbeck



Lead Draft Analyst/Co-Host of DraftCast

Residing in the Land of 10,000 Lakes, Zach is a lifelong 49ers fan who has always been fascinated by the concepts of team-building and scouting.  In addition to watching the pros, he especially loves watching college football on Saturdays to see what players have the talent and the technique to make a living on Sundays.  One half of the DraftCast podcast, Zach focuses on breaking down the college game to tell you who the amateur players to follow before they make it big in the pros.  You can follow his breakdowns on Twitter at mezachp




Travis was born a 49ers fan in the 80's. He spent many hours of his youth memorizing the stats on the back of football cards as well as winning his dad's pick'em league. In the lean years, he was a big Arnez Battle fan, and in his early years, he tried to mimic Jerry Rice's preparation and pragmatic approaches to everything. Holding degrees in writing and education, he has spent the last decade educating youth in all aspects of life, including proper sports perspective. His dream job would be working in a GM capacity or or to own an MLS franchise. In the meantime he is here to drop football knowledge and perspective on anyone willing to read.

Find him on Twitter: coach_rappcity




Will is a transplanted Northern Californian making a life for himself in Texas. He's in the best shape of his life heading into the offseason program and brings a lunch pail to work. You can find him on Twitter: wcuberos



CCO/Brand Representative/Co-Host of HubCast

Evan Sowards has been a member of 49ersHub since the beginning and one of the founding members of HubCast. The resident 49ers hype man, Evan can be found on video, on a podcast, or in a pack of White Claw.

Find him on Twitter: 2Evan2Furious



Co-Host of HubCast/Head of Quality Control

Kevin may be a newer member of 49ersHub, but he has quickly become one of the main voices of HubCast. You can find him on Twitter at KevinAMolina



Contributor / Site Manager

San Francisco native and rabid 49ers fan who grew up in Europe before settling back in California. Passionate about football, writing and creating video content. Former High School QB with half the right arm of Steve Young.

Find him on Twitter: AdrienTAJ




Matt was a December baby born in 1980. Married to his beautiful bride Jen for the past 15 years, and a father of three. Matt has been a 49ers fan since the days of Joe Montana, Steve Young and Jerry Rice. Aside from Rice his favorite player is Merton Hanks, especially his dancing after interceptions. Lover of all football (except Seahawks football) with a special affinity for fantasy football.

Find him on Twitter: AresgodFF




Travis has been a die-hard fan of the 49ers from the moment they made a a visit to Lucile Packard Children's Hospital at Stanford University. Northern California born and raised (on the playground is where he spent most of his days), and has since spent time in Michigan, Idaho and now resides in Florida. No matter where life takes him he will always be a member of the Faithful.

Find him on Twitter: TDHawk21




Robert grew up in the 80’s in a household of Raiders fans. He quickly learned that this would lead to a lifetime of anger and sadness and became a 49er fan at a very early age. When Robert is not writing/spitting hot fire about the 49ers, Robert is hanging out with his wife and 3 Boys or working on his Real Estate company in California’s Central Valley.

You can follow him on Twitter: BigRob49ers




Geoff is a Southern California native with a lifelong affinity for the Red and Gold. As a child, he fended off the influence of family members who supported the Raiders, Cowboys, Packers and Rams. He cried when Joe Montana was traded and had to be physically restrained when Aeneas Williams ended Steve Young’s career. His lifelong regret is not taking a $100 loan for a ticket to the 2011 NFC Divisional Round. He has a knack for reciting memorable radio calls and revels in the emotion and storylines weaved throughout the franchise’s history. 

Find him on Twitter: geoff_49ershub