Scott Young

CEO/Director, 49ersHub/Host, HubCast

Scott Young is the CEO and Director of 49ersHub. As Co-Host of HubCast, the only thing faster than his wit is Marquise Goodwin. Don't let his stunning good looks fool you, this cat knows how to get down and dirty. Find him on twitter at FakeScottYoung.

Mark Sanz

Chief Content Creator

49ersHub graphic designer / photo editor extraordinare, Red and Gold breather, Niner Faithful. When he is not watching Niners' news/games, he is in Mexico drinking beer and trolling Evan.

Steven Bowles


Hailing from the East Bay, Steve’s 49ers fandom dates back to the Bill Walsh days.  Too young to remember “The Catch,” his earliest memory is Montana to Taylor to win Super Bowl XXIII.  He is an avid shutterbug who enjoys photographing stadiums.  Find them here.

Andrew Shirey

Instagram Coordinator

Andrew is the instagram manager for 49ersHub. The 49ers have been apart of his family for generations. He has a passion for scouting and analyzing film especially when it comes to the Niners. You can follow him at @49er_newss

Bret Rumbeck

Bret was placed in a cryogenic freeze following the end of World War II and then thawed out in 1980. He's spent time working in Congress, stocking a beer cooler and seeking out various forms of heavy metal. Bret's claim to fame is sharing the pages of a comprehensive Turlock football history book with Colin Kaepernick.

Luke Vittori

Luke is an Italian-American 49ers fan. I'm a faithful because my brother is a longtime football fan and he transported to me this passion. I'm the newest 49ersHub Instagram/Facebook/Youtube video manager. You can find him on Twitter at @__Neutralizer 

Matt Woolsey

I was a December baby born in 1980. Married to my beautiful bride Jen for the past 15 years, and father of 3. Been a 49ers fan since the days of Joe Montana, Steve Young, and Jerry Rice. Aside from Jerry Rice my favorite player was Merton Hanks, I loved his dance after he scored an interception. I love all football, except Seahawk football, cannot stand those guys, and one of my biggest passions is fantasy football. Let’s go Faithful.

Will Cuberos

Will is a new member of the 49ersHub team. He's a transplanted Northern Californian making a life for
himself in the Pacific Northwest. He's in the best shape of his life heading into the off season
program and brings a lunch pail to work. You can find him on Twitter @wcuberos.

Max Carlson

Max was destined to be a 49ers lifer from day one. His birth in 1989 was postponed two days so his dad could watch Joe Montana win ring number three in Super Bowl XXIII without the distraction of a pesky newborn. When he's not watching sports or spending time with his family, you can find Max pacing around frantically, while he impatiently awaits the release of Tool's elusive new album.

Sam Karimzadeh

When Sam isn’t writing for 49ers Hub, he is a California labor, employment, and consumer attorney. Sam has previously written for The Bold Italic, and has worked at the ACLU of Northern California, the Northern California Innocence Project, the Legal Aid Society, and the CAIR-SFBA. Sam is a Brazilian Jujitsu nerd, enjoys his Reuben Sandwiches with pastrami rather than just corned beef and thinks Terry Kirby was really underrated.

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Evan Sowards

Host, HubCast/Head of Public Relations

Evan Sowards has been a member of the 49ersHub for over a year now and one of the founding members of HubCast. The resident 49ers hype man, Evan can be found writing, on the podcast, or even on video. Residing in Portland, Evan enjoys spending his personal time with his dog Titus, and hanging out with friends.

Kevin Molina

Host, HubCast/Head of Quality Control

Kevin may be a newer member of the team, but he has quickly become one of the main voices of HubCast. He is also a part time writer for 49ersHub. You can follow him on Twitter at KevinAMolina.

Jay Moore

Host, SchemeCast

Jay is the co host of SchemeCast, the 49ershub podcast that deep dives into the Xs and Os of 49ers football, you will also find him breaking down film and drinking a cold one with the boys.

Nicholas McGee

 The UK arm of the Hub, Nick has been a 49ers fan since 2005 and has worked as a full-time journalist since 2013. He also writes for NFL Spin Zone and DraftBreakdown. When not watching football, Nick can often be found gorging himself on beer and buffalo wings.

Shelly Holt

A new part-time contributor to 49ersHUB, Shelly is an east coast 49ers fan since the 1980s. In her spare time, she enjoys writing her sports blog, The Lady Loves Sports, hanging out with her husband, and fighting the stereotype that all rabid NFL fans are male. You can find her on Twitter @HoltBlogSports.

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Taylor Wirth

Taylor is a 22 year journalism student out of the Bay Area. He's pursuing a career in sports journalism after he finishes up his degree in San Jose. He grew up going to many 49er games at Candlestick Park and has continued to attend games at Levi's Stadium. His passions include baseball and football and would like to have a career covering one or the other, if not both. Balancing both work and school, Taylor likes to dedicate a lot of his time keeping up with everything happening in the sports world and continuing to develop his sports knowledge. Outside of 49er football, you can find Taylor covering Giants baseball. You can follow Taylor at (@taylorwirth123)


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Pratta L Jones

Facebook Coordinator

Born 1988 in Los Angeles California Pratta was raised in the small east side niaborhood of Watts. Went to Long Beach Poly which is known for its sports heritage. Growing up in LA and being deprived of The NFL in his home town he grew a strong bond and love for the team up the coast. Pratta has covered the 49ers for the last 15 years and has strong ties to players on the 49ers and around the NFL. 

Travis Hawkins

Travis is a new member of the 49ers hub team. A die-hard fan from the moment the 49ers made a visit to
Lucile Packard Children’s hospital at Stanford University. Northern California born and raised (on the
playground is where he spent most of his days), and has since spent time in Michigan, Idaho and now
resides in Florida, but no matter where life takes him he will always be a faithful. Find him on Twitter

Travis Rapp

Travis was born a 49ers fan in the 80’s. He spent many hours of his youth memorizing the statistics on the back of football cards as well as winning his dad’s pick’em league. In the lean years, he was a big Arnez Battle
fan, and in his early years, he tried to mimic Jerry Rice’s preparation and pragmatic approaches to everything. Holding degrees in writing and education, he has spent the last decade educating youth in all aspects of life, including proper sports perspective. His dream job would be working in a GM capacity or to own an MLS franchise. In the meantime he is here to drop football knowledge and perspective on anyone willing to read.

Stephanie Sanchez

The person behind it all! Stephanie created the 49ersHub Twitter account in December 2012 when she reached "peak fandom." She eventually handed over the reigns to Kyle but she still occasionally contributes to the Twitter and the 49ersHub blog. When she isn't being a hardcore 49ers fan, she's probably working on her Rap music! You can follow her @stragosaurus and check her out on Soundcloud!

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